One-on-one tutoring sessions

Sometimes children are too shy to ask questions in class, or they need to have concepts explained in a few different ways before it really sinks in. During one-on-one sessions, tutors develop a strong rapport with the child so that s/he feels comfortable tackling problems without fear of making mistakes. We really focus on developing a growth mindset so that children persevere through even the most challenging assignments.


Are you one of the many parents who becomes frustrated with the daily homework struggle? As the curriculum changes so much over the years, you may find that you're not even sure how to help them. Our team of tutors is here to guide your child through their academic work so you can spend quality time with him or her (without the tears)!

special classes


BGCSE Chemistry and Biology; BJC and BGCSE Art; and Stop Motion Animation Classes are happening now. Email to learn more!

If you are jaded by your child’s current curriculum, or feel like you need to try something new to support his/her learning style, then perhaps we can help. Arrange a consultation, and let us help you to best help your child.